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DIRECTOR: Nicola Kay Smith



Passionate About Inspiring & Helping Others

With a legal and business career spanning over 20+ years, Nicola Smith is ideally suited to help you and your business achieve those long term goals. 


Not putting too finer point on it, business development can mean a million and one things but in the main, the focus should be on the creation of long-term value, and a plan for developing your business. 


A business development manager should be a crucial role in any business no matter what the company size. Constantly having someone tasked with always looking out for the next and “best” opportunities which enable a business with ambition, to grow and diversify as the markets and landscape change. 


Larger companies can effortlessly afford someone in a full time role with a healthy marketing budget at their disposal. But what if you can’t afford that 90k salary and hefty marketing budget?  Have you thought of a freelance BDM instead?


Practising law for over 20 years Nicola has become well established in the legal arena. For the past 7-8 years she has been charged with helping companies (not just law firms) with expansion, diversification and most of all developing their business. It is developing businesses that she loves the most. 


It is indeed quite rare to find a Lawyer who can also develop a business, at the same time as servicing the needs of injured clients, raising the company profile and embedding them in the local community.  Helping others and providing first class client care is what makes Nicola successful. 


Nicola is motivated by helping others and achieving results on a small or large platform. Led by a desire to make change, and make business owners feel in charge of their future is what makes her tick. 


Business development is less to do with sales or marketing. Which is a common misconception. Instead it’s a complete roll up of being a “safe pair of hands” at management level. Someone to look after your business whilst you’re out of the country. Someone to make those important decisions and above all someone who treats your business like their own. 


Whatever the reason your need for a BDM is, Nicola can build a support package to suit you and your business (and your budget). 


Whether you are looking for long term goal planning, strategic aim setting, new opportunities or simply raising your company profile, then Nicola is the one for you.


Nicola is a professional businesswoman. She regularly hosts corporate networking business lunches up and down the UK for successful businesswomen to relax and make new contacts in a safe and comfortable environment. These events are often sell outs. 


Being a Rotherham Pioneer, part of a group of Rotherham business men and women who unite to create a powerful network to change perceptions of Rotherham and it’s profile, is another string to her bow. 


She is also a Director and Trustee of a women’s charity in Rotherham. GROW has been supporting women of all ages, backgrounds and abilities for 30 years. Nicola is passionate about identifying vulnerability and making changes to support women before they reach crisis point. 


Nicola is also Founder of REAL Networking Breakfast Club - a group of REAL businessmen and women who want to do REAL business with likeminded individuals without the constraints of pricey memberships, big rule books and complicated procedures. Due to the success of this breakfast club a new off shoot “brunch” group has recently been launched to capture those people who cannot make early morning starts for home or work commitments. 


Quite simply, Nicola will identify your needs and then build a plan to support it. 


Carrying a limited portfolio of clientele, Nicola works effortlessly in the background of your business to learn your trade, what makes you tick, what does your ideal target market look like and above all, who is your perfect client.  Once she knows what your aims are she can get to work.  


Your target market may not necessarily be the same as when you first started your business. You may need to redefine your business values in order to attract new business and keep your customers engaged. 


With prices starting from £250 there is a level of BDM service to suit all needs. 




One of the easiest and loveliest people to work with! I’ve worked with Nicola for several years, as a venue supplier. Her passion, dedication and energy for all her projects is awesome to watch and a pleasure to be part of. She has a vast network of trusted contacts and has supported me with referrals both in business and personally. A true role model of a women in business - motivational, professional and inspiring


Multi Property Sales Manager

Marriott Hotels

Nicola is a breath of fresh air who always puts a big smile on your face. She is just a wonderful person to be around. Her ability to build relationships is second to none and her hard working and tenacious attitude along with her desire to always do the best by her clients means you can always, without fail, rely on her to deliver.


Managing Director

Way More Solutions Ltd

I have a mobile bar and exhibit at wedding fairs organised by Nicola's other company.

These events are always well organised and Nicola goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is happy, and we are always well catered for. 

Nothing appears too much trouble and she goes about things in her friendly way and always with a smile. 

This makes Nicola  the top of our list when we look at where to exhibit next!”.




Nicola has been great to work with. Her experience and connections in many industries are testament to her natural and energetic personality. She has a flair and know how with business and people.  It sometimes feels like she has a magic wand!

Well worth the investment. Outsourcing my BDM has given me the time to focus on the parts of my business that I love doing, and Nicola sings my praises for me and brings in the business. The time vs cost vs results are speaking for themselves. Please ask Nicola for my details if you wanted to find out more about her work from a happy client.

Nicola is a natural networker and a passionate business connector - qualities that enable her to deliver an outstanding business development experience. She is incredibly driven to deliver results, whilst maintaining a huge level of integrity in everything she gets involved with.


She is an enthusiastic leader, reliable and a proactive problem solver - and always hungry for the next challenge! Her desire for success would be a positive asset to any business that chooses to engage with her skills and support.

I have found Nicola to be extremely professional and passionate about her work. Her communication is excellent, she keeps me informed along each step of the way.


Nicola always travels that extra mile and goes above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Nicola as a valuable asset to any organisation.



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